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Otter Valley Poultry, based in Honiton Devon, a family run business producing some of the finest Organic and Free range Chickens, Turkey, Geese and Guinea Fowl across the South West of England and the UK.

Our Products.

ChicksThe Organic free-range chicken are reared from day old chicks, the breed we choose to use is a slow growing strain called Hubbard 757. These chickens take between 10 and 12 weeks to mature before slaughtering, this is approximately twice as long as conventional chickens.

The chickens are reared for the first three weeks under a gas heater ensuring they stay warm and cosy. After three weeks the side panels are opened and the birds are free to leave the shelter to roam and forage across the thick clover pastures.

The pastures are free of any pesticides and fertilisers. As night falls the birds are keen to return to the shelter as they know they will be warm and safe inside the house, away from any predators such as foxes. When the Chicken are ready for slaughter they are caught and transported by ourselves.

We only catch at night as this is far less stressful than in daylight. The chicken are processed through our own on farm abattoir, when they have been plucked they are hung in chillers to hang.

Free Range ChickensThe process of hanging allows the naked carcass to relax and mature developing a superb taste and texture to the meat.

Evisceration or dressing is all done manually by our skilled butchers. We believe in careful handling of the chicken even once its been slaughtered, giblets are saved and presented with each chicken so that a traditional gravy can be prepared.

All of the Organic and free-range poultry we produce are processed through our own on farm abattoir.

About Otter Valley Poultry

Free Range GeeseOtter Valley Poultry is situated in the Blackdown Hills of East Devon an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Farm is a family run business which has been astablished for over 40 years.

We pride ourselves in the excellent quality, texture and taste of each chicken we produce. The organic chicken are reared on 3 seperate sites,

The first site is a small mixed organic farm on the edge of Dawlish hidden away at the end of a steep valley protected either side by vast acres of woodland. The land is unspoilt and ideal for the chicken as it is so quiet and natural.

The second site is on the other side of the hill from Dawlish at Kingsteignton, again it is hidden low down below the surrounding hills and provides a beautiful view acroos to the popular Tors on Dartmoor.

The land is full of natural wildlife and the chickens have acres of open fields full of rich clover to roam across. The third site is on the edge of Exmoor at Huishchampflower just outside Wiveliscombe. The landscape is of natural rolling hills, deep valleys and forests completely unspoilt.

The chickens are free to roam and forage across an area of outstanding natural beauty. All the farms have been chosen because of their peaceful location and natural environment. Otter Valley Poultry believes that it is paramount the chicken, turkeys and geese can enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

Devon HillsThe processing of the birds is all done at The Home farm of Otter Valley Poultry, where we have an EC approved poultry abattoir.

Chicken are processed wet pluck and hung New York style to allow the breakdown of the meat so they can mature improving the texture and taste.

The Turkeys are dry plucked by machine and hand finished also hung but for a longer period of time up to 10 days.

The geese are dry plucked and waxed to give a quality finished look also hung for up to 10 days.

Otter Valley Poultry provides a personal service to all our customers ensuring that all requirements are met. We have a variety of customers across the whole of the country literally from Lands End to the North of England, no order is too large or too small.


Our Products

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All the chickens we produce are reared in small flocks of 450 birds with open fields to roam and forage across, enjoying a peaceful and happy environment.

The organic chickens are reared to the Soil Association Standards feeding on a prepared diet of organic feed, chopped straw and anything available within their habitat.

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